We target the local market in the field of integrated interior finishes implementation for the administrative, commercial and housing projects. In this phase, we work hard to complete the architectural finishing and electromechanical works with high quality according to defined designs, bills of quantities and international specifications and standards.

Implementation Scope of work

Architectural works:
  • Ordinary works:

Brick walls, plaster, moisture isolation ….etc.

  • Flooring works:

Marble, porcelain & ceramic tiles, wooden flooring, carpet , mosaic tiles , epoxy….etc

  • Walls works:

Gypsum board partitions & claddings, Glass & Aluminum partitions, doors, wooden cladding & partitioning, marble cladding, porcelain& ceramics tiling, paints, wallpapers, ….etc

  • Ceiling works:

Gypsum board false ceilings, indirect light coves, wooden ceilings, paints …etc

MEP works:
  • Electrical works:

Power & light current piping, wiring connections , distribution panels ,  power& light current devices & lighting fixtures installation

  • HVAC works:

AC units installing, piping & fittings, ducting, insulation , air outlets  , fans , air curtains…etc

  • Firefighting works:

Piping & valves, sprinklers & movable extinguishers.

  • Plumping works:

Cold & hot water piping & valves, drainage piping , finish fixtures installation

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